Meet the Cue team

Once people start working at Cue, they tend to stay for years - and for good reason. As a family owned business, we know that our most important asset is our team.  We are very proud of how far we have come since we started in 1968, but we’re constantly looking for new ways to go faster, bigger, better. We like to have fun with fashion and that shows!

A career path at Cue will give you an experience unlike any other. But don’t just take our word for it, hear from our Cue retail and head office teams:


Cue Retail Team


I fell in love with fashion and styling thanks to Cue.

I’m amazed how Cue continues to reinvent themselves season after season.  

Ashlynn, Store Manager – WA, 3 years


I started working at Cue during my school holidays and ended up staying because I loved it so much. After an incredible 30 years, my daughter wants to join me at Cue whilst studying at university. 

Donna, Store Manager - NSW, 30 years


Cue is a part of my life, it’s a family and there is nothing else like it! I’ve had endless opportunities to grow and develop both professionally and personally with strong support every step of the way. It helps that I love the product I am selling and the exciting fast paced environment I work in. I love this company – I feel at home, working with people that I truly admire and have created lifelong friendships.

Ainsley, State Manager - QLD, 20 years



As a recent fashion graduate from Edith Cowan University, I’m passionate about the Australian fashion industry. I’m proud to work for Cue who design all styles in their Surry Hills studio and still manufacture many styles locally.

Shannon, Sales Consultant – WA, 4 months


Cue Head Office Team

I’ve been lucky enough to have had incredible progression and support in my journey from Sales Associate, through to Area Management, State Management, Visual Merchandising and Brand Management. Fashion moves quickly – and Cue has kept up the pace – responding to changing times and always looking to innovate and look forward. That’s the core of what drives me in my current role – what is new, what is next. How do we keep raising the bar – season on season, year on year? The reactive, experimental, supportive culture at the heart of the brand I love is addictive!

Kate, Retail Brand Manager – Head Office, 27 Years


Why have I been at Cue for 15 years? Easy. It’s a company built on connection. 

As a woman in my 20s, I leapt at the chance to work for Cue. My career progression took me from suburb to flagship store management, eventually landing a role at their Sydney Head Office. Cue empowers you to make the role your own and create new opportunities for yourself that align with how fluid the fashion industry is. 

Fast forward to now - I’m a Mum of two young children, still at Cue and loving it. I know I have the full support to maintain that balance between roles but most importantly to keep progressing in my career.

 Elisse, Retail Project Manager – Head Office, 15 years


Working with Cue is like being part of a family. I truly feel I have been given opportunities here that I would not have been offered at other companies.

Cue has such a strong history in Australian fashion and I have learnt so much in my time here. This year I celebrate my 11th anniversary with Cue! 

Rachel, Fabric Buyer – Head Office, 11 years


I love Cue. Cue = Connection, care and encouragement. 

I have been lucky enough to work alongside Australia’s longest serving fashion team where management has empowered me to great success. The Levis family have been instrumental in developing my skill set and opening doors to many areas of the business for me.

Cue is my career; Cue is my home. 

Yasmin, Executive Assistant to Founder & Executive Chairman – Head Office, 7 years


Having studied Fashion and Textile Design, lived overseas and worked in marketing for other brands I can’t speak more highly of the support I’ve received working for Cue. Starting my first few months in Customer Care, getting to know our Cue Girl from a retail perspective, to now filling the role of Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator – it’s credit to the opportunities I’ve been given and the support to do so. Cue is a big family who reward loyalty and happily promote ability.

Tara, PR & Marketing Coordinator – Head Office, 3 years


Together, we make Cue. Join us.

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